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Monday, September 17, 2007. *
Personally, I think Kerry was an absolute pussy for not trying to put a stop to it. The kid was asking a freaking question. Sure, he was irate, but since when is it illegal to be irate?

This is pretty typical of modern law enforcement. They are unable to maintain order because they have no respect for the citizens they're supposedly sworn to protect. They barely see civilians as humans, which is why they will use a lethal weapon such as a taser on a fellow human being not to protect themselves or the public, but to force compliance via pain, because it's more convenient than doing their job.

The thing to remember is that tasers are supposedly an alternative to deadly force. Any cop who uses a taser in order to enforce compliance should be fired and given a jail term at the very least. This is about training the public to be afraid. Further, this is about methodically introducing fear into a 'total institution'*. Teaching our kids to fear authority and more importantly not to ask questions of our elite on a campus setting.

*Total institution from, in it, it describes the Total institution as social microcosmos dictated by hegemony and clear hierarchy. Total institutions include some boarding schools, concentration camps, prisons, mental institutions and boot camps. But wait, that is only the begining, the ones you can see.

I suggest we look at this transmogrification as if it were a continuum, if we take it a logical step further, you can see the continuing results of Panopticon
like institutions and systems you can't normally see through this lense. points out that, "..sociologists [anthropologist's and other scientists have also recently pointed out that] tourist venues such as cruise ships and theme parks are acquiring many of the characteristics of total institutions. Tourists may not be aware that they are being controlled, even constrained, but the environment has been designed to subtly manipulate the behavior of patrons."

What about shopping malls , college campuses, gated communities, retirement communities, city/State government e.g. the DMV etc, the Repressive State Apparatus (RSA).

I have stated before, it seems as if we are covertly and methodically being herded into a mental plantation, by a system that has gladly inherited the worst of both the Soviet and Nazi germany type authoritarian means of control and governship.

A "quasi-Soviet/facist/totalitarian system." A "Kafkaesque" bureaucratic i.e. State induced non- static labyrinth. Whose rules change only for the elite and not the governed.
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