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Wednesday, September 12, 2007. *
Trevor Blake: Khalid Adem Reconsidered
On October 26, 2006 I posted Cultural Relativity: A Survey at American Samizdat. The post read in its entirety: "The left (but not only the left) sometimes supports the idea of 'cultural relativity.' Read up on the case against Khalid Adem, then leave a comment on the theme of 'cultural relativity.'"

I remain a foe of cultural relativity. But I must publicly amened my condemnation of Khalid Adem. Since the time of my first post I have learned that Khalid Adem maintains he is innocent, and that he specifically disavows the crime he is accused of. I do not know if Khalid Adem is guilty or innocent. I do know that he claims to be against the crime he is accused of, and in that we agree.
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