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Sunday, September 09, 2007. *

I haven't supported the hands around the burgosphere effort one because I'm poor and two I don't think this solves a problem and three if my tax dollars were spent properly there would be plenty of money for the care of this society's victims. and four I think the real solution to this kind of problem is a more open and tolerant understanding of male sexuality which means legalizing prostitution and porn (studies show that rape goes down when availability of either porn or prostitution goes up) so that bathroom stalls or force aren't options that grown men would ever need or use. But I should probably keep that to myself.

I will be supporting the efforts of the Real News because I really think the problems of society remain problems because the corporate media is run by the same people who are creating these problems. (Read the propaganda model for the lowdown. And as someone who has worked in a couple of newsrooms I can testify that its true.)

Their theory is that if 20 million people give 10 dollars a month you can create a real alternative press. Well, I think I can give 10 bucks. Not sure if I can give monthly but...Watch the promo above.


posted by Philip Shropshire at 5:31 PM
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