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Sunday, September 02, 2007. *
As Gonzales rides off into the sunset[*], the significant questions are who will take his place and how that choice will facilitate Bush’s occupation of Iraq and attack on Iran.

One name that’s been floated for Bush’s third attorney general is Joe Lieberman, the “independent” senator from Connecticut. Lieberman, who advocates the use of military force against Iran, was the only person Bush quoted in his August 28 speech to the American Legion.

Similarly, Lieberman would ensure the Justice Department mounts a vigorous defense of a war of aggression against Iran. And Bush would get a two-fer: Connecticut’s Republican governor would appoint a Republican to fill Lieberman’s seat, returning control of the Senate to the GOP. A Republican-controlled Senate would direct the agenda, thereby furthering the Bush/Cheney plan.

* Yeah, as Gonzo slips quietly out the door many are saying the catapulting of the Sen. Craig story was a Bushco operation, engineered to crowd out any discussion of Gonzales & the Justice Department he made a shambles of. The fact Craig teamed with Feingold to oppose the patriot act says much , in that Also could explain the differential treatment of Craig and Vitter.

Doesn't and wouldn't surprise me at all, frankly--Bushcult is a vindictive muthafucka.
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