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Tuesday, September 25, 2007. *
Iranian president speaks at Columbia University amidst media frenzy

Ahmedinjad was nicely verbally assassinated by the University President before he even reached the stage. The anti ahmedinjad protests had all the 'innocence' of a nazi youth rally during the olympics and the Pres. of Columbia university bollinger appeared to be the more 'fanatic' & fundamentalist, perhaps bollinger holds the bill o'reilly chair of moral philosophy, ahmadinejad, hardly the sharpest engineer in the metalshop but verily at columbia he was einstein before the apes. Any decent human being, - in any formal cultural setting, in any nation of this planet - would at least have let the invited guest speak his words and then afterwards, allow him to answer questions. There was no need to begin with insults.

You know like the goons who tazered Andrew Meyer, Bollinger seems to be oblivious off the cultural image he projects but don't take my word for it, watch it or read it for yourselves.
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