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Monday, September 10, 2007. *
If you aren’t aware of the fact military-run prison camps are a reality in the United States of America and detailed plans for their use have been in existence for over a decade, read up. We’re going to assume our audience has been walking around with their eyes open.

Given the sheer velocity of recent events, it’s a good time to assess ugly possibilities. One of these is a martial law situation, which would lead to the US military attempting to take control over the US. This involves disarming the populace, establishing a strategic position in the community, and tracking down the citizens who have been dubbed potential threats by the Pentagon, Justice Department, or FBI. (Apparently it’s a quite a long list of naughty children.)

This article is a collection of tools for you to assess the situation in your community and make plans for effective resistance with your neighbors and friends. As the great man once said, “An armed and educated populace can be invaded, but never conquered.”
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