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Wednesday, August 08, 2007. *
The following from another board...

Wouldn't surprise me a bit though... Good fly trap...

Markos does not encourage getting into the street to protest and in his book says it isn't effective.

Someone posted they were leaving Kos because of the low turnout in the last protest march and the fact that Markos did nothing to promote it. Turns out Markos was(?) CIA.

Check the evidence it is formidable.

There are many good people working DailyKos without pay to try to end these atrocities and one of the reasons why we are not successful is due to CIA left gatekeepers like Markos deflecting any effective action against bushinc. Remember up to 98% of disinfo sites can be true but it is the 2% that damages effective response. see Cointelpro.

Markos had a stated policy that he would ban anyone mentioning the Election Fraud after the 2004 bogus Presidential "election" though Conyers, the Green Party Recount site and many others spent huge amounts of time and energy tracking down proof, analyzing it and pushing Kerry, the Media, Move-On, Michael Moore, George Soros, and THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY to get involved and let the American people know what was going on and to join the fight against the third obvious stolen election.


KOS and the CIA

by: Stu Piddy
Fri May 25, 2007 T

Markos Moulitsas: Man of Mystery

Markos Moulitsas spent 6 months in 2001 interviewing with the CIA. He was accepted by the CIA, went through the entire interview process (talking to dozens of people including “psychologists and people in the leadership” ) and given his first assignment to work in clandestine services. His assignment, he says was to act as a “spy” in Washington D.C. for the CIA. He was told by the CIA that this particular assignment in Washington D.C. would last for at least 6 years before he would be given the overseas assignment he preferred.

Moulitsas spoke to the CIA about his "blog”


The SoapBlox Data Model

If Kos is not what DailyKos is about then it won't hurt the site a bit when he is utterly discredited by the weight of his own biographical and political falsehoods.

Kos sought to work for the CIA just five years ago, just before he infiltrated the Democratic Party by starting DailyKos.

Well, now we know the truth, like it or not. Kos comes from a very wealthy family of environmental polluters and they have received millions of dollars from the US Government to proceed with that pollution.

Of course this could also be a psyops ploy to disrupt the elections for the less evil party..
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