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Sunday, August 05, 2007. *
Here's the thing --

people talk about this slow slide into total surveillance and total economic control of the citizenry as if it is being done by the political parties, all for reasons of security, terrorism, foreign wars, etc.

It is not.

It's just business. The Federal government's role in the affairs of the nation has been subsumed almost entirely to the service of Big Business, most especially FIRE (finance/real estate), oil, armaments, and pharmaceuticals.

The well being of each citizen is no longer seen as a condition of the human being herself; it is seen as a measure of her consumer status. Is she employed, paying taxes, purchasing, running up credit cards, paying a mortgage, watching 2.4 hours of television per day, having 2.6 children, not writing incendiary blog entries, etc.

The people, and the government, are in train behind Wall Street, Madison Avenue, and the Pentagon.

A citizen is not a human being to Wall Street. It is a purchase, it is an hour of labor, it is a crop. You can make money making citizens sick, money treating their symptoms, money entertaining them in their homes, money entertaining them with the political circus inside the Beltway, money sending them to war, money putting them in jail.

Just a commodity, those creatures.

"The defense budget is 3/4 of a trillion dollars. Profits went up last year well over 25%. I guarantee you, when war becomes that profitable, you’re going to see more of it." ~Chalmers Johnson.
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