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Wednesday, August 22, 2007. *
Agents provocateurs active at Montebello?

Peaceful protesters stop police provocateurs from starting a riot at the Stop the SPP protests in Montebello Quebec. CEP President Dave Coles confronts men with rocks and sticks.

Update: RossK has been covering this on his blog, The Gazetteer. The link is to his home page where there are currently 3 articles about this.

He's unearthed this image on Democratic Underground that shows one of the three arrested "protesters" with a yellow logo on the sole of his boot under the ball of the foot, seemingly identical to the boot of a kneeling policeman who is handcuffing him. It probably says "Vibram," a brand of work-shoe and hiking-boot soles. Circumstantial evidence but not compelling on its own. The Vibram logo is actually rectangular with the corners trimmed off, making it a squashed octagon.

RossK also links to more photos and a video.

Incidentally, the federal and provincial police report that four people were arrested in total, all known to the organizers of the protest, but no mention of these three who walked away from the leader of the protest who told them to go protest somewhere else (one guy was carrying a rock) at which time they moved to the police line and were taken into custody and led away.

In photos, one of the three men who attempted to disrupt the peaceful nature of the protest was quite tall, short-haired, and wearing new-looking camouflage pants, boots and wearing a small gray nylon packsack.

To my eye it's hard to distinguish him from the police who are leading him away except for the fact that his hands are secured behind his back.

It certainly seems possible that the three were provocateurs, but who sent them?

Also here.

This is not a trivial matter for reasonable people up here in the country formerly known as Canuckistan.

What I found most distressing was the fact that, regardless of who these fellows actually are and/or who they are affiliated with, this was a deliberate attempt at provocation that would have involved all kinds of innocent, unarmed and unprotected people if it had succeeded.

Furthermore, those unprotected people were actually there doing their best to make sure such a provocation did not occur.

The video itself really is chilling.

Following the developments as they move of the labour groups says they have 'proof' that the fellows were associated with authorities.
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