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Saturday, July 07, 2007. *
Sex and Drug Hypocrisy in US Politics
I wish I could remember who said that concern with hypocrisy among our leaders was a distinctly American trait. Myself? Guilty charged. Here are two recent examples...

Romney Criticized for Hotel Pornography: Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney, who rails against the "cesspool" of pornography, is being criticized by social conservatives who argue that he should have tried to halt hardcore hotel movie offerings during his near-decade on the Marriott board. Two anti-pornography crusaders, as well as two conservative activists of the type Romney is courting, say the distribution of such graphic adult movies runs counter to the family image cultivated by Romney, the Marriotts and their shared Mormon faith.

Senator, You Used to Be a Pot Head: My friend [Minnesota Republican Senator Norm Coleman]... Years ago, in a lifetime far away, you did not oppose the legalization of marijuana. Years ago, in our dorm rooms at Hofstra University, you, me, Billy, your future brother-in-law, Ivan, Jonathan, Peter, Janet, Nancy and a wealth of other students smoked dope. Sure, we had to tape the doors shut, burn incense and open the windows, but we got high, and yet we grew up okay, without the help of the Office of National Drug Control Policy's advice. We grew up to become lawyers. Our other friends, as you go down the list, are doctors, professors, parents, political consultants and professionals. No one ever got cancer from smoking pot or diabetes from using a joint.

... the point I'd like to make here is that sex and drugs don't seem to cause the harm they are said to when done by people in power, so they should lighten up a bit when others give it a try. I have never 'done drugs' beyond alcohol and coffee, no never, no not even one time, so when I advocate for their decriminalization I have no vested interest in the topic. Only an interest in competent adults being able to make their own choices, take their own lumps, have their own fun and live their own lives.
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