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Wednesday, July 18, 2007. *
Rachel Bevilacqua
The High Weirdness Project: "As of July 6th, 2007, custody of Reverend Magdalen's son has been awarded to the boy's father. Magdalen is conferring with her lawyer and preparing a statement."

Rachel Bevilacqua's Blog: Bevilacqua, who performs under the name “Rev. Magdalen,” was stripped of the custody of her 10-year-old son because of pictures found on the Internet of her performances with the satirical comedy group The SubGenius Foundation, Inc. The images were from a members-only yearly SubGenius convention in upstate New York.

The Wild Hunt: Rachel Bevilacqua (an active SubGenius known as "Rev. Magdalen") had her son, Kohl removed from her custody and was barred from even writing to her child due to her bawdy and satirically blasphemous participation in Subgenius festivals (at which the son was never present). Not only was the son never present at these adult-oriented festivals, but she has been barred since 2000 from "exposing" her son to any information or activities related to the Church of the SubGenius.

[You are next.]


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