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Monday, July 02, 2007. *
What is ERA?
ERA is a space in which individual stories of people having resisted against the terror, humiliation and despair fascism brought over Europe are kept alive and visible for everybody.

The protagonists and eyewitnesses will disappear in the next years. Soon, there will be no other testimonies of the happenings apart from those having been collected, recorded, recounted and written down. The value of eyewitness interviews is unique. No book or film can replace the opportunity of watching eyewitnesses tell their stories of resistance and independent decision to do so.

The European Resistance Archive will enable the documentation of this precious knowledge. It offers video interviews with women and men having taken part in the antifascist resistance. In Europe, these testimonies are often only available to those personally visiting archives or documentary centres.
Currently six countries are involved in the project: Poland, Slovenia, Austria, France, Italy and Germany. But it would be in the sense of the project to extend the range of countries and in future being able to integrate every European country being afflicted by fascism and Nazism.

ERA is defined to be an open and growing website and it bears the possibility of being extendible in various directions. It should work as a first step in a network of historical research covering the various faces of the European resistance.

Perhaps in America in future years there will be an archive dealing with the populace, their gadgets and media they fiddled with as our limited Democracy drifted to full blown fascism.

Check out the ERA.
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