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Wednesday, July 04, 2007. *
Alderman's products may exist only in cyberspace, but they bring real money. Alderman recently sold a virtual representation of Amsterdam he created for $50,000 through E-Bay.

He said he sells about 1,000 Sex Gens a year for the equivalent of about $40 each. As Alderman explained it, a Sex Gen is kind of a machine that manipulates avatars into various positions.

"I don't just do sexual positions," Alderman said. "I also do cuddles and kisses and fun things." But the sex is "what people want," he added. "I give them what they want. I'm an entrepreneur."

Alderman said he's made enough money to sell a plumbing contracting business he used to have in Tampa and to employ 12 people who design, build and sell objects in Second Life.

Although one online site referred to him as an Internet porn mogul, Alderman said he doesn't do pornography. "I'm a toy maker," Alderman explained. "I'm an erotic Geppetto."

But Alderman also said, "I'm the bad guy who makes these sexual animation systems…I also make genitalia and all kinds of appurtenances…articles, toys, racks, chains, whips, anything that could be construed as sexually or fetish-oriented."

Alderman, whose avatar is known as "Stroker Serpentine," doesn't know the real identity of Volkov Catteneo, the avatar he's suing, and has asked a judge to approve subpoenas for the company behind "Second Life" and Pay Pal, demanding that they turn over records showing the avatar's identity.

Alderman has an email address for the avatar. The Tampa Tribune sent an email to the address seeking comment on the lawsuit, but did not receive a response.

Alderman said Volkov Catteneo is not the only avatar who has done him wrong. "A lot of people copy me, copy my work, copy my ideas," he said. "Because it's an anonymous platform where you're an avatar cartoon character, as opposed to a real-life person, people think they can operate with impunity.

Alrighteeeee then... As a resident of meat puppet "actual" reality ( I wont get all philosophical or majickal on you)I don't know what else to say, except to advise you visit Matrix Masters- The Spirit of the Internet.
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