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Thursday, July 26, 2007. *
The two-party system is a sham...The system itself, the US Constitution on which it's based, must be scrapped! Discarded! Eliminated!...those who call the shots -- the power elite -- are delighted with what is being done on their behalf and have no complaints whatsoever. And their alternate political arm, the Democratic Party, loyally responding to the elite's demands, continues to ratify the Bush agenda.


We, the People, no longer have any common goals except to exist as we now are. First, we have lost our rights to our country and its direction in favor of empire. Second, we will lose the planet to depredations and poisons and resource depletion on a scale we have never faced as humans before.

As my husband says:

"W" vacations at his ranch as if he were Nero fiddling while Baghdad-Rome-New Orleans/Katrina burn; the circus continues with Reality TV, NFL gladiatorial events and, of course, Nascar chariot races. (13)
Life has become, in general, too cheap to those who live it and the government too corporate to serve the People.

Also see, The Founding Fathers' Fraud
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