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Friday, July 13, 2007. *
Over the past year, there have been numerous federal operations, carried out by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), where thousands of immigrants have been rounded up in surprise workplace raids — a number of them likely not even reported in the national press.

In many of those cases, the children of the immigrants, a number of them U.S. citizens, were at school or in daycare when the raids came down.

Their parents were whisked off to immigration detention centers around the country and many have since been deported back to their native countries.


So what ultimately has happened to these kids – and the hundreds, if not thousands, of others like them around the country? What happens when the temporary caretakers, for financial or other reasons, can no longer watch over the children — again, a number of them U.S. citizens?

Well, one source, whom we cannot name, has told Narco News that something is afoot that the U.S. government is keeping very tight-lipped about at this point.

That source says school officials in San Antonio, Texas, have been told to prepare for the arrival of a number of Spanish-only and limited-English speakers who will soon be shipped in from around the country to be warehoused, under a private contract, in San Antonio. The school system has been made aware of this because they will have to provide educational services to these children.

The source, who is in a position to know of such things, also says these are the children of immigrants who have been swept up in federal raids. Their parents are now either in federal detention somewhere in the country or already deported.
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