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Thursday, June 14, 2007. *
The Attorney General supposedly had his wings clipped by Congress on June 4th when they voted to rescind the authority he had been (quite sneakily) granted under the Patriot Act reauthorization - the authority to appoint "interim" US Attorneys.

After the abuse of this power was ferreted out; after Gonzalez and his corrupt crew pranced up to the Hill to sing their "I dunno's"; Diane Feinstein introduced a bill to solve the immediate problem by rescinding that authority. In a fit of wildy unexpected rationaity, the White House said they'd sign Feinstein's bill, and on June 4th, the bill landed on George W. Bush's desk.

He hasn't signed it yet.

Today Gonzalez made another interim appointment.

As this post shows, they're not pussies, they are complicit.
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