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Sunday, June 24, 2007. *
We aren't angry that you criticize the dems. We're annoyed when you don't offer constructive alternatives to the dems. That seems counter productive. For example, you might say, "The dumbocrats sux! green."

And then I would say "Underfunded Green campaigns go no place fast."

And then you would say, "I've figured out a way for a third party candidate to win without money!"

And then I would say "WTF! Don't keep it to yourself tell us how!" or something.

So anyway, I was reading Common Dreams (with comments now by the way) and here's a version of the Uncle Scam argument but notice he gives you some proposals. That's all we're asking for. Give options a chance. Don't sour me on the dems so that republican nominee Pat Robertson wins in a landslide....

Forget Feingold. I watched him on the Senate Intelligence Committee this week, along with Levin, Feinstein and the other Democrat “Going Along to Get Alongers”. They were questioning the CIA’s head lawyer for a confirmation hearing and even FEINGOLD, after asking questions about the legalities and constitutionality of our “torture” techniques, accepted Rizzo’s bullshit, bowed down and kissed his ring.

If you don’t believe me just go to C-SPAN and watch it for yourselves.

There is not one single representative who can be trusted at this point. Anyone who is not telling the truth about 9-11 (check out the “Jersey Girls” new documentary…wives of 3 men killed at the World Trade Center who believe the 9-ll Commission Report is a bunch of hoo-ha), or is kissing AIPAC’s ring (Scott Ritter is right…they should have to register as foreign agents or we should just raise the flag of Israel here and call it a day)….cannot be trusted. Period.

I say we DRAFT 435 progressive university professors to run in every Congressional District of this country REGARDLESS of whether or not they can win, and 33 other professors to run against those Senators who are up for re-election. All on the same slate. They all need to call for an independent investigation of 9-11 (already been done…read David Ray Griffin’s “Debunking 9-11 Debunking) and the U.S. to get out of Iraq NOW. Every presidential signing statement or piece of fascist legislation that the Bush Administration has rammed through must be undone.

And of course we’d have to DEMAND no electronic voting anywhere. All voting, including overseas voting must be by ABSENTEE BALLOTING and all ballots must be Xeroxed and saved personnally for independent counting in each neighborhood.

The statement needs to be made now by all progressives in this country that REGARDLESS of any “event” that may occur, the election WILL take place and that THE AMERICAN PEOPLE will be counting the freakin’ ballots. Just like in Florida. We’ll sit around in groups and count each and every one. We’ll need lots of coffee and cookies.

Remember folks, “Those who count the ballots decide the elections.”

What I am suggesting is American as apple pie, football and American Idol, and nobody should get their panties in a bunch over my suggestions.

If we continue to play with any “business as usual” type electoral politics you can just, as Ann Richards once said, “Stick the fork in. We’re done.”


posted by Philip Shropshire at 8:04 AM
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