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Sunday, May 27, 2007. *
re: trevor's request
Trevor, I can't find the tag right now to replace your posting name with the url of your choice, so at least I took the email link out. As a temporary hack, I recommend all Harbingers add their own link to the end of their post. I have always strongly encouraged shameless self-promotion here. I try to give all harbingers as much traffic as I can with my other sites. Just so you know, is a 100% nonprofit venture except for a couple Powells links which make at best five dollars a year (and that's from all my sites).

Please email me with any requests. I know I also have to update the Harbingers list on my other sites, because great bloggers like Skippy have returned with a cameo after a long hiatus. You may commence throwing tomatoes whenever you choose. I am a vegan. I like tomatoes. Perhaps me and Pagan could get an interesting photo shoot out of it. Well, better if you threw the tomatoes at her, then. However, if you could make them organic, we would appreciate it.

posted by Dr. Menlo at 10:40 PM
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