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Wednesday, May 16, 2007. *
If Daily Kos' banning of Steve Amsel and Eileen Fleming, two peace activists who support the rights of the Palestinian people, a few days ago, and three other peace activists that preceded them, were not enough, today Daily Kos banned two Palestinian peace activists. This action was taken in an apparent attempt to appease a small group of right wing proIsrael supporters who have invaded Daily Kos. If anyone believes that of course they should probably take ownership of the Brooklyn Bridge. The true source of all of these banning is not yet evident, but no one is ready to believe that Daily Kos is getting ready to be sold to an AIPAC subsidiary.

Raises hand, I believe it...

Leadership in civil and human rights is certainly not what any liberal or progressive Democrat will find at Daily Kos.

Raises hand again, I believe that too...

posted by Uncle $cam at 10:14 PM
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