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Friday, April 20, 2007. *
There is not a [US] military base in the world that doesn't have some soil or ground water contamination. That is just a given. —Gary Vest, assistant deputy undersecretary of defense

War is hell, as old generals never tire of telling us. Not mentioned nearly enough, however, is that war creates hell. Wherever the war machine goes, it leaves a foul and toxic environment behind.

To the extent that an individual, group, or nation resorts to armed conflict, it inevitably turns against the environment. Militaries terrorize the local ecology by depleting natural resources, generating excessive wastes, spewing toxins into the earth, air, and water, and eliminating plant and animal species. To the planet, militant humans behave like out of control cancer cells, multiplying beyond the bounds of balance and reason, while destroying the host in the process . . . [more at P!]

[by Mike Sky, writer, editor, and peace activist, of Thinking Peace, and a co-editor at P!. He is the author of "Breathing" and "The Power of Emotion", two books that offer practical, proven methods for becoming more peaceful individuals.]

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