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Thursday, April 12, 2007. *
I have a juicy new piece on another site about GovTech and the White House email controversy.

I've been hesitant to focus too heavily on GovTech, run by Bush family friend Mike Connell, whose IT enterprises straddle the "firewall" separating private from public. Although ePluribus Media has placed a great deal of emphasis on Connell and his enterprises (see here and here), I have yet to see hard evidence linking any of his firms with SmarTech. We know that SmarTech can be traced to the domain.


The GovTech story has just become very, very interesting. In this story, I note that a NewMedia web page lists GovTech as a "partner" business. (NewMedia is Connell's "other" business.) There is a link to GovTech and a brief description of what they do.

That description reveals that GovTech has set up "complex internet communications" for the White House.


So far, no other published account has mentioned any work done by GovTech for the White House. In fact, the White House is never mentioned on the company's site! (At least, I could find no such reference.) Congress, yes; the Department of Energy, yes; various state governments, yes. But not the White House.

Looks to me like GovTech may have scrubbed all reference to the White House from its site. If so, they forgot to rewrite the NewMedia site.

I theorize that the rewrite occurred when Patrick Fitzgerald tried to acquire emails relevant to the Plame inquiry in 2004-2006.

CREW has just revealed that no less than FIVE MILLION emails may have been scrubbed. (See the full CREW report here.) What does Mike Connell, Bush loyalist, know about this?
~ joseph cannon
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