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Thursday, February 08, 2007. *

(Great toon by Stephanie McMillan, who I will never eat with. "Yes that's right I don't think I can vote Green Stephanie... and this is delicious! What do you call it? Garlic Oleander stew? That's got a kick...and, hey, I don't feel so good...")

I see Ralph Nader is considering another run. I have never voted for Ralph Nader because we live under a terrible gawdawful winner take all system. Terrible for democracy. And, now, of course there are hit teams aimed against Third Party candidates. Ask Carl Romanelli. When we run off to Mars I say let's all use proportional representation and auditable ballots. The democracy would be refreshing.

But I do know why Nader is running. The Republicans gave us a gift today in that they voted down even a worthless bill condeming the war, but the dems really have to go further. They have the power to cut off the funds, but simply won't use it. They're just not that much of an opposition party are they? Just look at how they handled the filibuster issue. Let me get this straight: the dems can't use the filibuster when they're in the minority but the republicans can. How nice. They really are the Washington Generals Party. The Republicans can play hardball and do everything within their power to destroy the dems. The Dems want to "work" with the Republicans, the most evil party on the face of the planet. The party that could teach Emperor Palpitine a thing or two. A party, that by all rights, shouldn't exist. There shouldn't be a party that just represents the oil and insurance industries and works against the long term public interest at every turn. Right? But that's what we got. The Ruthless Dark Side Bidness Party and the less ruthless Joe Biden/Leiberman business party that enables them, and, oh look, Unity 08 is right between them giving me a "choice".

The odd thing is that I really think that a well funded Third Party effort could work well in 2008. I still think if you had 30 million to blow the Greens should shoot for five Senate seats and 10 to 15 house seats. That way they would hold, in theory, swing vote say on just about every issue. That's why I wasn't happy that a progressive guy like Craig Newmark won't improve his net worth by taking google ads. The American Left needs money to create infrastructure and to work year round. Hey we're not all rich white kids doncha know. (See "My Brilliant Career at ACORN.")

There's also a real opportunity for a well funded progressive Third Party presidential candidate but he has to play to win. Well funded means 25 to 30 million in at least 17 states..Perhaps Ralph will win the lottery or that famed Hollywood Left will do something besides give money to Dems...

Related thought I couldn't fit in above: Our democracy sucks. Four and six year time spans to choose between the candidates of two mostly worthless parties. Direct Democracy is the way to go. We should get a vote on every bill. That would solve a lot of the graft or at least more of us would get a cut. I also like the premise behind the Free Nation Foundation:

"We believe our current societies are fundamentally flawed and based on wealth accumulation, and wish to create a model nation based on what we believe are the most important ideals."

I'm going to join the message boards and recommend seven large cruising ships and space space I say Mars and/or orbital habitat or bust. I'm also rejoining the message boar.

Note to Dem Haters on this board: We vote dem because there are no legitimate third party efforts in the United States at this time. If a Third Party is well-funded--and yes its not fair but in this country you have to be as well funded or better funded than the Big Two can't pay people and build an infrastructure on Ralph Nader's righteous rage--then I'll take a look at them. Bottom Line: You need 5 Senate seats and 15 to 25 house seats to make a difference. You need at least 2 million per senate race and 1 million per house race. Otherwise you're a joke...and even then your net result might be to throw the race to the republicans.

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