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Sunday, February 25, 2007. *
Ex-Harbinger "Postroad" writes:
Lenny is great but that American Samizdat site simply takes a strong leftist view (nothing wrong with that per se) without offering any solutions to anything. It is what I call the Ralph Nader approach: this and that are bad but I can not tell you what I would do that would change things. [. . .] This being said, I now wait for my detractors to denounce me. Hint: go to the site and show me where I am wrong.

I regret how I publicly denounced Postroad here when his pro-Israeli (in this case, anti-Palestinian) posts were reaching epidemic levels. Unfortunately, Postroad's views on Israel are probably best likened to Lieberman's. I respect Postroad overall and find him educated and sensible about most issues . . . except the issue of Israel where he turns into the monkey who can't see/hear/speak no evil. To him, every Palestinian death - even the death of children - is justified. Worse, the constant [usually violent] expansion of Israel is also always justified.

As far as the 'solutions' criticism, I think I and several others have tried to inject this site with more of the positive ideas regarding turning things around ala worldchanging, but first of all as a samizdat, I suppose its first job is to shed light on the stories your tv won't tell you. However, I am always open to fresh ideas about expanded dimensions the samizdat can take on. And I learned through making the mistake with Fred (postroad) that if I disagree vehemently with a harbinger's editorial positions that I should go to them personally over the issue instead of losing my temper in public. Sorry again, Fred.

And thanks again to all the participants of the Samizdat, past, present and future (email me). Thanks also to hortense for the kind mention. [To see the video on Lenny Bruce hortense highlighted go here.]

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