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Sunday, February 11, 2007. *
Only one problem, the picture of the mortar round in the AP story (see below)
So, the Iranians are now labeling their munitions with the Gregorian calendar even though they use the Jalali calendar? Miracle of Christ! Here the 81 mm high explosive mortar seized by Iraqi Police southeast of Baghdad Jan, 13th, 2007 HOWEVER, the Jalali date is 22 Bahman 1385...

reminds of those old coins found that were dated 250 BC

are they really that stupid?

my guess is yes, they/WE really are.

One would suspect that the real problem for the U.S. is that there is significant Iranian influence in Iraq, but that it is of a non-military (hardware) nature. There is probably all manner of Iranian social/political/economic advisory activity going on that is against U.S. interests. And the U.S. is powerless to do anything to counter it, other than trump up some fake military evidence -- which again will come back to bite them. Meanwhile, the Iranians are doing the unglamorous hearts and minds work to shore up their position amongst the people ala Hezbollah, and will likely win their side of the war without a shot fired.
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