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Wednesday, February 14, 2007. *
In May of last year Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, the third highest-ranking member of the CIA, was implicated a scandal involving erstwhile Republican congressman Duke Cunningham, defense contracts, and orgies at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. (If this doesn't ring a bell, refresh your memory with Jane Hamsher's Hookergate 101.)

Now, the CIA is refusing to cooperate with federal authorities investigating Cunningham's various national-security related influence peddling schemes.

Cunningham is already in jail for taking bribes from defense contractors. If Foggo were indicted, he would become the highest-ranking member of the CIA in history to be prosecuted for a crime.

TPM Muckraker says that Foggo's indictment was expected months ago, but the CIA refuses to declassify key documents.

Another one down the old memory hole.

It didn't happen, right? It was just a passing dream.

FalaLalalalalalala. Time to go to WalMart and anesthetize myself buying more cheap Chinese stuff.

Hookergate, Abramoff, Delaygate, Cunninghamgate, Iraqgate, WMDgate, Irangate (stay tuned!), 911-gate, OKC-gate, Gannon-gate, electoralcoup2000gate, electoralcoup2004gate, phonyfixnewsgate, plamegate, phonydemprezcandidateKerrygate, anthraxgate, hoaxidjigprezgate, cheneyshootsanattorneyinthefaceandnothinghappensgate... Naah, none of it happened. Back to watching O'Reilly on my new flatpaneltv from ChinaMart.

Oh, and it looks like some of those hookers weren't wearing dresses either...

Indeed. As TPM followed up, the hookers are mentioned in Wilkes 42-page Cunningham-related indictment. As is the established norm with this case, the prostitutes are never referred to in any gender-specific way, except to say that Duke requested a different prostitute for a subsequent night.

Also in the 42-page indictment is at least an implication of attempted blackmail, as Wilkes tries to coerce someone, then Cunningham calls him/her on their cellphone while they're with Wilkes at the Watergate hospitality suite.

I'm thinking that must be either a whole other can of worms, or hushed away somewhere safe...

Finally, Billmon, Bernhard and the MOA crew and by proxy amsam, were all over this last year, in a much more indepth way...seems like Firedoglake, dkos,, and some others among the anti-NeoCon bloggosphere shot their collective wads hyping the Fitzgerald case and then the anti-Lieberman campaign, only to have both of them disappoint. Funny how Firedoglake, which spent years is seems probing every detail of Fitzgerald's investigation into WH shenanigans, now reads like Dear Abby. NOTHING happened except for the crime bosses' steely stare which said, "I know where your daughter goes to school." Seems FDL has sort of turned into a girls&gays coffee clatch these days (not that I have anything against either, mind you.) I'm just waiting for the day when they give up on the Dems as their saviors.


Hold the phone! The prosecutor who indicted Cunningham, Wilkes and Foggo today has been fired and will leave office at the end of this week. Politically motivated? If you think it's not, then I have an Alaskan bridge to nowhere that I'd like to sell you.

As a commenter points out these firings aren't for the corrupt fucks they are outting and targeting, it is the methods & processes that might be revealed to the public that are freaking out Bush Handlers, Inc.

We need a fucking Truman Commission, one with teeth.
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