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Tuesday, January 23, 2007. *
It probably won't do much good to complain, still less to be shocked,
but, for the record, one should at least be aware of two matters placed
in evidence at the Federation of American Scientists
Project on Government Secrecy site:

# What appears to be a deliberate muzzling of the Congressional Research Service, and

# the charming spectacle of the New York Times invoking the State Secrets Doctrine in winning their case against (falsely accused?) anthrax expert Steven J. Hatfill.

It is undoubtedly childish to hope that the true perpetrator of the anthrax letters will ever be brought to justice, despite the fact that this is patently an area in which there are so few technically proficient suspects to investigate that the even the most sluggish FBI investigation ought by now to have produced indictments.
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