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Friday, January 19, 2007. *
Joe Bageant
If you take the time to grub around in true working class America, most people will tell you the country is going to hell, and it is because we don't have prayer in school and that the homosexuals are running around getting married and kissing in public. Folks think that God doesn't like this stuff and is punishing us. They will all tell you that you can be rich and successful if you work hard and that God will reward you with money and a new Lexus if you walk with Jesus. I have been hearing this all my life. Nothing new. Furthermore, they will tell you that US has a moral obligation to bring liberty and freedom to the whole world and that they are pretty disgusted that these lucky people to whom the freedom has been delivered are not even grateful. What we need is more control, by golly!(...)

The furor among liberals regarding the Christian Right will die down. Liberals, like everyone else in America, easily become bored. But these control seeking Christians are not going away. They've always been cooking away under the surface of our political stew and always will be.

Meanwhile, as we argue these points of the distracting so-called culture wars, the real players have always known the object of the game. They slipped out the back door long ago, but if you squint and look off into the horizon you may see them making off with the national treasury. ...
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