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Thursday, January 04, 2007. *
Joe over at Cannonfire points to the above Perry article which pretty much shows why I'm not all that excited about the Democratic party:

As the Washington Post noted, “Nowhere in the Democrats’ consensus-driven agenda is legislation revisiting last year’s establishment of military tribunals and suspending legal rights for suspected terrorists. Nor is there a revision of the civil liberties provisions of the USA Patriot Act, a measure curbing warrantless wiretapping by the National Security Agency or an aggressive confrontation of the President on his Iraq War policies.”

Parry reminds us that in 1992, Clinton skimmed over the crimes of Poppy Bush in the name of national unity. As history tells us, Clinton's enemies didn't get that "unity" memo.

One of the great scandals of the GHWB era was Iraq-gate and the clandestine re-arming of Saddam Hussein. Had the Clinton administration uncovered the true Reagan/Bush record on Iraq, America would not now face its second lost war.
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