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Tuesday, December 05, 2006. *
pinter nobel lecture

Well, one pf my worse fears has now come true, aside from the fact that our new kind of Nazism has now gone underground, out of sight out of mind, the heat has been taken off the elite ptb. No, I wanted the horror show out in the open. I wanted these jackels where we could see them. Now the continued inertia has merely been hidden from view. There will be no chance to change now, against a completely indoctrinated people and a military prepared to carry out orders of locking up or even firing on it's own citizens. Many were upset and frustarted with my stance on wanting the rethugs to win the midterms. Now possibly you know why. The Leviathan has sprayed it's black ink, and gone into the shadows. Everyday this week I have talked to people whom have gone back to, and about their business, as if it is all over. The pressure cap has been turned. The cap is actually a pressure release valve, and has done it's work, of letting off the steam. The Dems in charge will be allowed to make reasonable rollbacks of the Bush extravaganza, to placate the public somewhat, for a while, for a Friedman or a few. But the powers that be will see that Leviathan continues on course, continue seeking full spectrum dominance of the planet, and of the lesser people on it.

I'm reminded of the movie/book Awakenings by Oliver Sacks, or Harold Pinter's play, "A Kind of Alaska". Welcome back to American Encephalitis lethargica. Now back to our regularly scheduled program uninterrupted...

Western Agnosia.
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