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Wednesday, December 13, 2006. *
Is it funny to anyone else, how the only two guys whom could have stopped the passage of the USA Patriot Act, the only ones to get the Anthrax Letters were Democratic Senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy.

Anthrax attack on US Congress made by scientists and covered up by FBI, expert says

WASHINGTON -- The terrorists who perpetrated the 2001 anthrax attack on Congress likely were US government scientists at the army's Ft. Detrick, MD., bioterrorism lab having access to "moonsuits" that enabled them to safely process and manufacture super-weapons-grade anthrax, an eminent authority on the subject says.

Although only a "handful" of scientists had the ability to perpetrate the crime, the culprit among them may never be identified as the FBI ordered the destruction of the anthrax culture collection at Ames, IA., from which the Ft. Detrick lab got its pathogens, the authority said.

The anthrax attacks were sent to daschele and leahey just ONE WEEK before the SENATE PATRIOT ACT VOTE. They were the two senators who had been speaking out against the patriot act leading up to its vote, suddenly they both recieve anthrax letters at their offices just before the vote takes place.

Lets review the dates, shall we?

ANTHRAX LETTER OPENED by Daschele and Leahey Oct 15th 2001

A WEEK LATER with everyone scared we have:


Passed the House on October 24, 2001 (Yeas: 357; Nays: 66)
Passed the Senate on October 25, 2001 (Yeas: 98; Nays: 1)
Signed into law by President Bush on October 26, 2001

Hell yeah. The 9/11 attacks told Congress even they had no air cover from NORAD.
Then the anthrax threats againt them.
Then the beltway sniper was aimed in their direction.
Then Sen. Wellstone's plane went down for no discernible reason and burned.
Then they had to pass doomsday legislation stipulating that anyone left alive in DC was the government if mass death 'attrited' Congress.

All this was terrorism against our (s)elected representatives.
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