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Tuesday, December 05, 2006. *
If you haven't yet, do catch the DoD photos of shackling Padilla at cryptome. It looks like someone is doing a mindfuck on everyone involved, including those responsible for transporting him as well as those whom see this, e.g., you. I mean, who they guarding? a broken human being, right? In my humble opinion, the goggles are so the guards don't have to see his eyes... which would make him all too human.

The photos of Padilla shackled, blinded, and deafened reveals the unfathomable depths of cowering fear and cruelty in the minds and souls of his captors. The humiliation and psychic destruction of Padilla highlighted by the MEDIA seems more a warning or a threat, much like the entire US prison-industrial complex. Many of these stories of late are saying the broken man is unable to assist in his own defence, and he is uncertain if his lawyer isn't part of the plot, cowering when asked questions similar to those of his interrogation under duress. Like "a piece of furniture."

After this, I feel another bout of intractable vomiting coming on. What fucking, unfeeling, unconscionable animals the majority of human beings have become. Screw questions of "What America stands for"... liberty, justice, democracy... these have become so many empty bullshit buzzwords to rationalise their contemptible barbarism. If you can actually APPROVE of treating other human beings in this way, it is clear that you never stood for a damned thing in the first place except making sure that you could get your filthy snout in the consumer trough at any expense. Only pigs walking upright, jockeying to make sure that they are the ones who are "more equal than others", could not only sit idly by while others suffer, but actually APPROVE of it. Bastards. Contemptible bastards.

"Mr. Padilla's situation, as an American declared an enemy combatant and held without charges by his own government, was extraordinary and the conditions of his detention appear to have been unprecedented in the military justice system."

An American-born citizen held without charges by his own government.

Have we fully and wholly absorbed and faced the enormously profound implications of that one little phrase in that one sentence?
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