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Wednesday, December 20, 2006. *
The post-hurricane gambling boom in Louisiana more or less came to a stop in November as gamblers lost $199.7 million in state-licensed casinos.

The figure was up from $184.4 million in November 2005, but that included a time when Harrah's New Orleans Casino was shuttered because of Hurricane Katrina. Harrah's provided $32.6 million of the overall take last month, state police reported today.

[Article continues at link. Critical thinking skills might have prevented those people from giving $199.7 million in tax dollars designated for disaster relief to casinos instead. It might have even prevented them from living in a flood-prone area, or caused them to make their own provisions for surviving a flood. Critical thinking skills also might influence people to not vote for politicians who will clearly betray their best interests, or to tolerate superstition enfranchised into law. What can I do today to increase my and other people's critical thinking skills?]
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