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Wednesday, November 01, 2006. *
Prison-building in the United States and in its Cuban and Middle Eastern colonies is as much a boon for private companies as it is a life-support industry for American members of Congress. David Matlin's Prisons: Inside the New America shows how the building and operating of penitentiaries is a ten-billion dollar a year boon to the private entity that gets into the booming market.(...)

David Matlin's book brings before us startling evidence from Prison Inc., like this pitch, a promotion by the "American Correctional Association," which gleefully reports to potential investors that:

The prison industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. With the number of inmates incarcerated in our nation's prison's jails and detention rates approaching 1.5 million the need products and services continues to be an industry priority...and unlimited opportunity for your company to profit from this multi-billion dollar industry

So is this sick industry just another example of good old post-millennial free market Republicanism run amuck? Partly.
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