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Wednesday, November 08, 2006. *
The first impresson I have to note is that the Democratic Party as an institution is a corporate-and-Wall-Street-funded behemoth of rank opportunism. They used the growing opposition to Bush's energy war in Iraq as a battering ram, but in the process of making this breach will probably sacrifice the interests of women, African Americans, and immigrants to glide the winds of white xenophobia and thuggish patriachy that swirl over the post-Nixon Republican South.

The greatest downside of this election for the (institutional) Democratic Party is that the very issue that factored most heavily in this essentially anti-Repbulican election is opposition to a war for which have so far been able to wriggle free from responsibility. It is a downside because now anti-war forces will re-focus on them. I say that not merely as a prediction, but as a call to arms. Right now, I don’t give a rat's ass if the Dems get figuratively slaughtered in 2008. There is a literal slaughter taking place every day in Iraq, in an unwinnable war, and we cannot allow the institutional opportunism of the Democratic Party to seek comfortable shelter behind a pending report (which is what they will inevitably do). All efforts of the antiwar movement need to be redoubled to break through the corporate media with explanations about why the US occupation must end NOW, unilaterally and completely, and to turn this into a moral and political litmus test prior to 2008 for any member of Congress. Outing Democrats for their ducking-and-dodging on this issue must be ruthless and relentless.

Note to the Democratic party: We now have you firmly in our sights, exposed. Ain't gonna be no honeymoon. We're not hearing that you need time. Not with the bodies piling up every day.
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