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Monday, November 13, 2006. *
There is also a domestic component to Army special operations, though it is not clearly specified in the manual.

"The United States employs ARSOF capabilities at home and abroad in support of U.S. national security goals in a variety of operations."

The manual spells out the principles of special operations warfare, including preemption, dislocation, disruption, and so forth.

"SO [special operations] are frequently clandestine or low-visibility operations, or they may be combined with overt operations. SO can be covert but require a declaration of war or a specific finding approved by the President or the SecDef," the manual states.

(The asserted ability of the Secretary of Defense to authorize covert operations has not been explicitly claimed before, to Secrecy News' knowledge.)

Just in case you "disruptors" get in our vey ve hav ze means ov dealing with you: U.S. MILITARY CIVIL DISTURBANCE PLANNING:THE WAR AT HOME

Oh, but hey, don't worry your pretty little heads, the Dems are here on their white horses;everything is better now... (dripping sarcasm in case you didn't get it).
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