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Wednesday, November 29, 2006. *
Under the guise of combating the stigma of mental illness, the U.S. government will soon begin a massive campaign of psychiatric indoctrination, designed to increase the acceptance of psychiatric chemical imbalance theories and labeling, and to pave the way for national psychiatric screening, driving more Americans into seeking psychiatric drug treatment.

Also see, Arrested for Epilepsy and in particular, Psikhushka aka Involuntary [political] commitment.

Oh and for those whom don't know or missed it: Bush wants to be your shrink "This month", President Bush plans to unveil a broad new mental health plan called the 'New Freedom Initiative.' Never mind that it couldn’t have less to do with freedom; if you’re a thinking American, this initiative should scare the hell out of you."

Oh, and the APA is proud you don't Know : The American Psychiatric Association is bragging in its own membership newsletter that they pleased the Bush Administration by successfully discouraging the mainstream media from looking into the corruption exposed by the British Medical Journal in a recent series of articles.

Finally, see the Proposed Model State Emergency Health Powers Act

You know, the APA, the same APA, that endorses participation in military interrogations torture...
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