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Tuesday, November 28, 2006. *
While in process of watching this melt-down In Iraq one should know why your kids are dying and many more will die. Over at Moon there is a post and discussion going on that untangles the puzzle. One commenter puts it thus:
Seems too much Fixation on what guy is fighting what guy... Anyone care what any of them are fighting for, or why the sudden HYSTERIA coming out of Washington???

Well, it turns out WE, THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA, ARE WINNING. Maliki told Wash to shove it up their ass - the Wall St. Predators could NOT Steal their infrastructure. They would not implement Prop. 38 or 39 of the so-called Constitution. Victory for the people of America & Iraq. I've been waiting for this. That's why there's this frantic talk of imposing a Dictator, even a damn Sunni, anyone who allows them to STEAL EVERYTHING. Anyone know what other economic provisions they're revolting against. THIS IS SO FANTASTIC. Meanwhile Americans sit around like stooges & let their entire economy be stolen...Go Iraqiis...

CPA order #38 is a reconstruction levied tax on Iraqis to fund reconstruction, 5% I think.

CPA order #39 is the "privitization" order de-nationalizing state ownership.

According to Antonia Juhasz in her The Hand-Over that Wasn’t article The (New and Improved) Bremer Orders to wit the CPA Order #39 allows for the following: (1) privatization of Iraq’s 200 state-owned enterprises; (2) 100% foreign ownership of Iraqi businesses; (3) “national treatment” of foreign firms; (4) unrestricted, tax-free remittance of all profits and other funds; and (5) 40-year ownership licenses. Thus, it allows the U.S. corporations operating in Iraq to own every business, do all of the work, and send all of their money home. Nothing needs to be reinvested locally to service the Iraqi economy, no Iraqi need be hired, no public services need be guaranteed, and workers’ rights can easily be ignored. And corporations can take out their investments at any time.

Anyway, so there's both the Constitution & the Bullshit Bremer shoved down their throats the instant before he fled, and this comes from the latter? I forget what they're called, but the reason for the "interim govt." was 'cuz by Int'l Law Occupation Forces couldn't implement them. Where's the part about farmers not being allowed to save & use their ancient seeds - are they fighting over that too?

I'm finally reading Antonia Juhasz's book on "Bu$h Agenda" in Iraq ( Uncle recently posted link to her that kicked me into gear to get it off my bookshelf) & the invasion is about terrorizing ME into allowing Pirates to ransack their economies.

I'm frustrated it's so impossible to find out the substance of what they are fighting for. We're hoodwinked into thinking it's tribal/religious internicine feuds, yet the warfare may be 99% economic. Or put it this way, if they hadn't thrown so many guys out of work via these policies, would they be fighting? Sunnis fighting to keep from being left w/no oil, and are the rest fighting xUS elite economic agenda? This really changes the picture.

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