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Thursday, November 16, 2006. *
A war the West can't win
The US need not be destroyed or suffer a collapse as did the Soviet Union in order to lose its top global position. It could well come about with a sufficient and permanent loss of US global political, economic and military leverage (the ability on the ground on an ongoing basis to successfully seduce and/or otherwise compel the world's players either to align with or else refrain from opposing US interests and goals), as the reader will see in the analysis that follows.


It isn't yet fashionable to speak openly of a world subdividing itself again into two camps - those aligned with the US and those aligned with the Russia-China axis at the core of a new rising, multifarious yet coherent pole of the East - with the dividing line between the two camps consisting of the contest for control over global strategic resources.

Except for those of us who understand that America cannot be a healthy just or prosperous country until all our factories are brought back - not to mention that national security & energy imperatives require it.

Lest you think I'm understating the Urgent National Security aspect of bringing the factories back now, use whatever imagination you might have to imagine a Cold War w/the Soviet Union w/all our factories there.
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