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Thursday, November 30, 2006. *
( Pope Benedict XVI Nazi Rat urged Muslim religious leaders during his visit to Turkey on Tuesday to "utterly refuse" to support or participate in violence.

"Terrorism" in St. Augustine's City of God

From a late April 1986 interview with Noam Chomsky:

Q: Why is "terrorism" such a useful ideological construct?

Chomsky: First, their conception of terrorism is highly selective.
There's a wonderful story in St. Augustine's _City of God_, where
Alexander the Great captures a pirate and says, "How dare you molest
the seas!" And the pirate turns to him and says, "How dare you molest
the world! I have a small ship, so I'm a pirate, a thief. But you have
a big navy so you're an emperor." If an emperor disturbs the world,
that's not terrorism, but if a thief disturbs the seas, that is

-found in _Language and Politics_, p.520

And so it goes...
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