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Thursday, November 09, 2006. *
Gates has some "splaining" to do. The press has forgotten that Bob Gates, during his time at CIA, acquired a reputation for trying to tailor intelligence to satisfy political masters in the Reagan White House. In addition, Bob Gates, a man of enormous intellect and a photographic memory, conveniently forgot salient facts and meetings surrounding the Iran Contra scandal.

A reader @Johnson's blog observes:

Rummie leaves FY07 all wrapped up and FY08 will close in weeks; the Pentagons main business of doling out procurement pork is over for this Presidency. I doubt that there is much the Pentagon can do to fix the mess Rummies left abroad other than cashier some Generals (pour encourager les autres) and leave the rest to get on with it. It's State that needs to set it's shoulder to the wheel.

From this distance Gates appears to be a Poppy retainer implanted to counter Cheney. That may not be bad thing, Cheney can be relied upon go down fighting hard and dirty.

After Tuesdays "purple headed revolution" holding Cheney's feet to the fire might be more productive than pursuing Gates. The latter won't play well in 08.

Re-meme-ber, the new kids do not start till next year, and three months is a long long time politically to circle your wagons, CCB (Chief Clearing Brush) i.e. JR. has daddy and uncle baker now calling the shots; this could get very ugly...
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