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Monday, November 20, 2006. *
Keith Olbermann interviews Mostafa's Lawyer

Contact: Office of Media Relations ( )
Phone: 310-825-2585

Statement from UCLA Acting Chancellor Norman Abrams About Incident at Powell Library

University police are investigating an incident late last night in which police took a student into custody at Powell Library. Investigators are reviewing the incident and the officers' actions. The investigation and review will be thorough, vigorous and fair.

The safety of our campus community is of paramount importance to me. Routinely checking student identification after 11 p.m. at the campus library, which is open 24 hours, is a policy posted in the library that was enacted for the protection of our students. Compliance is critical for the safety and well-being of everyone.


Updated Statement from Chancellor Abrams About the Incident at Powell Library
Chancellor Abrams of UCLA says,

"I do not believe that one can make a fair judgment regarding the matter from the videos alone"

"I am committed to our country's system of due process"

Norman Abrams Bio

"research associate and director of the Harvard-Brandeis Cooperative Research for Israel's Legal Development at the Harvard Law School"

"Another of his books, Anti-Terrorism and Criminal Enforcement, (2nd ed., 2005), is the first casebook to deal comprehensively with the rapidly evolving field of anti-terrorism law and the criminal enforcement process."

Chief of Police, Karl T. Ross 310 825-1633
Captain, John Adams 310 825-4406
Norman Abrams 310-825-2151

Also see, American Torture

There have been quite a few recent videos of police brutality, including this unprovoked assault on demonstrators in which a mentally retarded man is beaten up, the repeated beating of LA resident William Cardenas while he lies struggling under a policeman's knee that rests on his neck, this unprovoked beating of a man which continues after they've got him on the ground and handcuffed, this all-out wailing on a guy who had already given up, and this novel technique for arresting a man. Indeed, there's so much of it about that someone has decided to make a compilation and set it to music.

Random strangers with mobile phones and camcorders can surely only capture a tiny fraction of this shit.
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