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Thursday, October 05, 2006. *

Will this work? I dunno. The only peaceful demonstrations that have worked recently were the protests against the immigration bill. Can we import French kids to demonstrate? Just a thought. Good luck folks. (Mexican update: The Mexican City protests folded up, which means they lost. And those were probably better organized protests than anything we'll see in the states. Still think that the French riots are the basis. They're not nice but everytime they're used they work. Nice protest that doesn't shut down a city or destroy's property is ignored. Plus, we have all these detainment camps to deal with...Dark times.) Here are the directions for Pittsburgh.

2006-10-05 [edit]
11:00 am ET
The Fountain at Point State Park (downtown)
We will informally meet at the water Fountain (where 3 rivers meet) in Point State Park at 11am. Then we will head out on Blvd of the Allies for a peace walk in the Golden Triangle business district, splitting off into smaller groups to various points around the city. Please obey traffic lights and let pedestrians pass, so the authorities leave us alone! Bring your cameras, camcorders, cell phones. **Do NOT bring any signs into the park**, it's against the law! We're asking everyone to wear a RED SHIRT or RED JACKET so we look like a river of blood in the streets, for the TV news camaras; Representing the innocent civilian blood being spilled by the BUSH REGIME. We don't have a permit, so this is like a pickup game. Bring a Frisbee or softball to use the park with friends and we'll go from there. Downtown merchants who support the peace walk, please put a WORLD CAN'T WAIT poster in your shop window so peace walkers can patronize your shop, cafe, or bar! Let's all make this a great day of peaceful BUSH PROTEST in the city of champions!

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