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Wednesday, October 04, 2006. *
This trend of ignoring the backgrounds of military inductees - driven by numerical necessity - is swelling the ranks of tomorrow's vigilantes of reaction. People have the mental habit of assuming that the powerful control their own outcomes. They don't. The militarization of police forces, white flight and urban abandonment, even the international system of dollar hegemony that the military backstops ... these all develop with multiple determinations, more akin to weather than strategy, with the larger system taking on a character independent of the agents within it. Changing outcomes is not the same as controlling them.

My greatest anxiety for my two grandchildren is not that they will be the victims of a plot but the inheritors of inertia and a society of "good Germans," while society dives into a long period of unanticipated macho warlordism ... and, oh by the way, ecocide.
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