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Sunday, October 01, 2006. *
Sunk Ships Justify Wars

A "strike group" led by the nuclear aircraft carrier Eisenhower is heading to the Persian Gulf today. Many observers presume that Bush plans to hit Iran. I think the strategy could be more devious.

As noted in earlier posts, the Iranians possess a new class of cruise missiles which can easily destroy any ship in the Gulf. I believe that the neocons are placing the Eisnhower in harm's way precisely because they know that sunken ships justify wars. Any number of covert tactics (faked signals intelligence, bogus information fed to Iranian agents) could lead the Iranians to believe that they are under attack and must hit first or be hit.

Would the necons sacrifice an aircraft carrier to get their war? In my opinion, yes.

Not only will that oil-rich nation be reduced to nuclear rubble, neocon ideology will experience a resurgence within the U.S. -- where the law now allows Bush to kidnap and torture all progressive activists and writers. Alas, the distraction of the pageboy scandal will keep most progressives from seeing the real danger.

The strike group includes a submarine, probably equipped with nuclear missiles, which will handle the response after the Eisenhower goes down. That's an apt name for the sacrificial ship: The general who led our crusade against Hitler represented a form of responsible Republicanism which the neocons have murdered.

If this prediction proves wrong -- well, thank god. That'll be the most satsifying plate of crow anyone ever ate.

The fact of the matter is, there's going to be a war with Iran, whether we want it or not.

I don't think they'd actually sink the Eisenhower because that would be too big a display of vulnerability in the intended psy-ops.

All that would be needed was a missile strike and some dead Americans and off to the races. And missiles zipping in from outta nowhere are probably pretty easy to generate as undetected friendly fire.
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