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Thursday, October 19, 2006. *
A circuit court judge in Mississippi has ordered a new sentencing trial for Cory Maye, a man sentenced to death for shooting a police officer who had broken into his home in a no-knock drug raid in 2001. Judge Michael Eubanks ruled recently that Maye's legal counsel during the sentencing phase was unconstitutionally inadequate, and he is expected to rule later on requests for a "not guilty" verdict or a new trial.


I stumbled upon Maye's case in December 2005 while researching a paper on paramilitary drug raids for the Cato Institute. Having reviewed nearly a thousand drug raids, I found much troubling about Maye's case. I obtained copies of the search warrants and affidavits, and saw that Maye's name didn't appear on them. I began writing about the case on my Web log. Then, blogs from across the political spectrum started speaking out against the apparent injustice. Events since have confirmed my suspicions.

[So once in a while, the blogging isn't for nothing.]
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