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Sunday, October 08, 2006. *

There are detention centers being built to be used in the event of a "national emergency." I wonder if the US attacking Iran (which it's been threatening to do, and the US can't win without using nukes) would qualify? Or another terrorist attack -- real or staged? Another Katrina? Economic hardships or collapse? Hello?

--from cartoonist Stephanie McMillan

(illo stolen from Truthdig article.)

I think I've figured something out. Cartoonist and probable commie sympathizer Stephenie McMillan has parsed it out as well. The United States isn't building concentration camps because of what they're doing, but because of what they're planning to do. I'm currently not an enemy combatant. In fact, I hate fundamentalists of every stripe, including Al Q and the Taliban. But would I be content to just post on a blog if we wiped out 50 million people in Iran by way of nuclear strikes? Or more? I'll leave that an open question in the light of these new laws. Let it be said, in a public and prominent way, that I shall always be loyal to Emperor Palpitine , Cardassia, the Dominion, the Cylons, the United States. No matter how many innocent people we kill. I have always loved Big Brother.

Speaking of reflections on future tyranny, Battlestar Galactica makes it pretty clear why we're despised in Iraq and Afghanistan. We're evil imperialist savages. We don't even make the Cylon pretense of trying to find a new way. I mean, its not exactly the Iraq insurgency--full of their own silly ethnic and religious divisions--but if you wanted to know why the Iraqi police are marked men...It also has an element that my favorite science fiction has always had: its completely subversive. Insurgencies around the world could use tonight's two hour premier as a recruitment film. It even goes into why our puppet regimes are hated so much. Brilliant edgy stuff.

The Oct. 5 demonstrations were a bust. As far as I could tell there were only significant protests in San Francisco and New York--where it could be argued they've already driven out George Bush. I don't think they were well organized. I couldn't even find self promotion of the local demonstration at Pittsburgh Indy Media, where usually seven people with a sign can write up their world changing adventures. Saw nothing at the Post Gazette. Related: Cartoonist Stephanie McMillan participated. 100 people won't drive out the Bush regime. That's just 100 people that the Bush regime will put on a list to be summarily executed by the Cylons. (You must see the Battlestar Galactica premier or as I call it "Frackin' Life in Iraq"...)

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