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Tuesday, October 31, 2006. *
In decades past, every Halloween brought a crescendo of suburban governments banning trick-or-treating and religious leaders fretting over the occult while safety experts raised the specter of everything from cavities to fire hazards.

The fuss seems muted this year. Part of that has to be our becoming accustomed to caution.

Covering your little ghoul's black cloak in reflective tape and slapping a cell phone in his hand just doesn't seem the extreme precaution it once did.

But I also believe that real fears mock our fake ones.

Between the bloodbath in Iraq, the genocide in Africa, and North Korea setting off the atomic bombs that Iran clutches at, we just can't get ourselves excited over whether wearing red plastic horns will nudge a 6-year-old toward worshipping Satan. Not this year.
posted by Trevor Blake at 12:35 PM
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