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Friday, October 27, 2006. *
This is over an hour long (I tried to embed this but it did weird things to the site's margins) but its a nice summary of just about every argument made on the voter fraud front. First, this guy's credentials: He's an MIT PHD. So he's probably not completely dim. Disturbing things I learned from his presentation: 1. The exit polls probably weren't wrong and in fact the larger they are the more accurate they become. 2. Chuck Hagel not only ran a vote count company but he resides in a state that doesn't allow recounts. 3. If this is right, then Democrats are probably in on the fraud--the horrifying question is by how much? Everyone? Just a few at the top? 4. The exit polling that will be done for this election won't be real. The data won't be open to the public even for examination. Freeman was working with People for the American Way to do an independent exit poll but was stopped mysteriously. Just for the record, there was no legitimate reason to do that. Of course, why don't the Dems do it. Its within their budget. See point three. You can find more vids here.

Also related: Over at Ars Technica here are some directions on how to hack an election..I might note that the dems are far behind on the hacking wars. Hackers of the world unite...and steal an election for dems for once. If you really want to stop stolen elections, then steal on behalf of progressive candidates...

By the way, if you're interested, these are the house seats that dems should pick up, as of today.

AZ-08 FL-13 FL-16 IA-02 IN-02 IN-08 IN-09 KY-03 NC-08 NC-11 NH-02 NM-01 NY-19 NY-24 NY-25 NY-29 OH-15 OH-18 PA-06 PA-07 PA-10 TX-22 WI-08

However, we need to look at states that we know are pretty much compromised. So, we need 15. Let's throw out those two seats in Florida. Let's throw out that one seat in AZ that now has a voter id law. Let's throw out those two seats in OH and for good measure Texas. That takes a 23 seat gain and turns it into 17. And quite frankly, we can't promise accuracy in the machines anywhere else. We do know that if the republicans steal it, again, the brilliant strategery of the dems, Markos and Steve Gilliard is that we don't talk about it, ever. I also love this part of the plan that does nothing to expose it, such as not supporting and funding large scale volunteer exit polling and parallel voting plans. Good plan, fellas.

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