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Saturday, October 07, 2006. *
Following links related to the current sexual scandal in Washington, I came across this Wikipedia entry about another Republican who got caught in a relationship with a Congressional page in 1983.
Dan Crane - Wikipedia: "After his 1982 re-election, he was implicated along with Rep. Gerry Studds in the 1983 Congressional page sex scandal. Crane was accused of having a consensual sexual relationship in 1980 with a 17-year-old female congressional page and was censured by the House in 1983. Crane admitted to the charge and issued profuse, tearful apologies. (See 1983 Congressional page sex scandal). He was defeated for re-election in 1984 and returned to dentistry, where he could insert objects into people's mouth without fear of prosecution."
NPOV, as they say.
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