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Tuesday, October 17, 2006. *
Two very depressing political stories despite what should be a Democratic Party onslaught. One: Counterpunch sez Rahm Emmanual picked a pro-war, pro-Israeli majority to take over Congress. There is a drawback to this theory: Rahm picked what he thought would be the safest dem pickup opportunities. He might not have taken a look at those long shots who might want to be an opposition party. Plus, a lot of progressive dems take over chairmanships, unless Rahm changes seniority rules. Two: Bradblog writes about why the Bush team looks so relaxed despite facing an electoral nightmare. Hint: never count out the person who counts the votes. Related: Sam Smith's (Undernews guy) on why progressive change is so hard. I agree with most of it especially how hard it is for the "masses" to find time to do anything because you're too stressed out and/or overworked to even attempt to change the world. But the rise of fascism hasn't coincided with the Internet but the use of those black box voting machines.
posted by Philip Shropshire at 8:49 AM
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